About me

I’ve been working in the consulting team at Distilled in London since 2013. I currently manage projects around analytics, technical SEO, SEO strategy, and forecasting.

Previously, I was a student of politics and economics and a cook, and all along I’ve been a geek, a gamer, a runner, a hiker, an avid follower of current affairs, and a consummate consumer of ale and clearance counter offal.

I regularly post on the Moz and Distilled blogs, and occasionally speak at conferences. You can also follow me on Twitter, where I retweet and curate a uniquely jarring and nonsequitous blend of technical marketing and British politics.


It’s easiest to contact me on Twitter.

I use this one-pixel iframe of my LinkedIn profile to see who’s visited my site:

Ongoing test

Following an interesting revelation from John Mueller in December, I’m currently testing behaviour of “noindex,follow” pages using this page.