About me

I’ve been working in the consulting team at Distilled in London since 2013. In the last few years I’ve been responsible for numerous client projects around analytics, technical SEO, digital strategy, and forecasting, and in March 2018 I started working as the Consulting Team Lead for the London office.

Internally I’ve also helped to develop:

  • SEO strategies across the Distilled London client portfolio
  • The SearchPilot SEO A/B testing product
  • Numerous pieces of quantitative SEO research
  • Distilled London’s team structure, commercial model, & sales process

Before joining Distilled, I was a student of politics and economics and a cook, and all along I’ve been a geek, a gamer, a runner, a hiker, an avid follower of current affairs, and a consummate consumer of ale and clearance counter offal.

I regularly post on the Moz and Distilled blogs, and occasionally speak at conferences. You can also follow me on Twitter, where I retweet and curate a uniquely jarring and nonsequitous blend of technical marketing and British politics.


It’s easiest to contact me at tom.capper@gmail.com.